Thing is, it took me so much to write this. It’s been a while since I wrote about you, funny how you probably won’t get that this is about and for you. Because you’re the kind of boy that is very slow to catch this things or you pretend to be. Anyways, I don’t really want to figure it out anymore. 

Know that I’m only writing this to close a cicle.

I understood that when we like someone we become blind. We don’t see anything wrong, we see the person as perfect. We defend them by saying “oh it is just the way he is.”

But, the truth is that deep down we know it’s not right. I used to be like that with you. I was so blind by you. 

Took me months to get over the fact that a “we” was never going to happen. It made me sad and angry at myself. 

We could say I lost a part of me back then. I didn’t want to see how different we were.

Had many nights of wonder why, now I can say i understand it. I’m happy things turned out like this. 

I see that our differences would have make me imposible to stay with you. I wanted something you could not give me.

Meeting you helped me as experience to know what I really look out for. I don’t want to be half loved. I want to be fully loved. 

I wish for the day you like someone the way i did it with you, and I hope that person likes you back. I ask for you to have a healthy and prosper life.

My heart is calm now; so please don’t look out for me.

[Wrote this a long time ago, didn’t feel like posting it until now.]

Remember everything you read here comes from my own head, not everything is about someone, sometimes I just like to read prompts and wrote about them. 

If you read this, have a great start of 2018! Let’s make it better than the last year.


Liberando Palabras

Este cuento fue originalmente escrito en el año 2012, para un concurso de cuentos que coordinó la Contraloría General de Cuentas de Guatemala, en conjunto con la OLACEFS y la CEPAT.

La Siguiente obra fue escrita con el motivo de hacer saber que los jóvenes por ser el futuro de Guatemala, tenemos la oportunidad de corregir aquellas cosas que ahora están fuera de control como la injusticia, corrupción, violencia y demás. Está en nosotros el empezar a actuar.

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La Sangre del Dragón

Hace muchos siglos, cuando las guerras entre aldeas y pueblos eran comunes y criaturas místicas existían y se veían a la luz del día, cuenta la leyenda que existieron tres valientes héroes, cada uno de diferentes aldeas, que protegieron a todas en conjunto de la amenaza de un dragón.

Se decía que el dragón era la encarnación del diablo hecha animal, y que debía ser detenido y asesinado a toda costa, así su alma maldita regresaría a donde pertenecía, la cual era el mismo infierno. Sin embargo el precio para lograrlo era alto.

Ahora, tiempo después el mundo se ve amenazado de nuevo, y un grupo de tres jóvenes comunes y corrientes deben de restaurar el orden natural de las cosas, pero ¿son tan comunes y corrientes como ellos creen, o tienen algo en común con los tres legendarios héroes?

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Stock Still

How it started

Long ago people dreamed to be able to modified genetics of things. When we look back to the documents that we have from the past, it was believed to be just that, a dream.

However now, that was something common. If someone from the past, made a travel in time and came to this era, that person would be shocked because the theories that scientist had about modified genetics are very distant. Humans are not modified now.

It was 2025 when radiation became something big in the world, after a war between America and Asia left a total caos, that the effects of the weapons they used affected nature. At first people didn’t care, it was something that had affected something that was inert. Why would they care?

Twenty years passed, when the calendars showed the date 2045, people noticed that those inert things were changing. They had another form and other colors. And the things near them grew more life. Soon enough people were told to not be near that things. But, how could they get away from something from the nature?

2060 came. People were more worried than before, in the news and all around the world people had fear. What was going on? Along with the changes in the nature, a new goverment order appered and the civilization as knew before was repleaced with the new one.

When 2071 became the present date, something happened. It changed the whole world because it was happening around it. A kind of new specie showed up. Out of nowhere or that was what everyone thought. With colorful legs and different texture on the skin; the first ones looked like monsters, they had long sharped teeth and nails. Wearing no clothes revealing marks on colorful skins. Talking in a different language, and looking horrible.

The rest of the world did not treat them as humans, because they weren’t. They didn’t treat them as animals, because they weren’t that too. What were they? That was something people asked everyday.

When the years passed, humans realized that they were not an enemy, well not most of them , as with humans, not all were bad. Yes, some of them were robbers and others if they were lucky enough, had a job, but those jobs weren’t well paid and safe. It was in 2083 when scientist became with the solution for those monsters.

A cure, they said. And everybody believed, but what the public didn’t know was that those scientist used hundreds of those creatures as lab rats while creating the “cure”.  And as something ironic, this cure did not work in the way they expected.

It helped them, not they way humans wanted. It helped them to become able to understand language. It helped them to be able to walk as humans and to eat human food. It helped them to become accepted by the society. The first months the cure was used for the first time, didn’t make a big changed. It was seven months later when the first monster became able to stand in two legs, the texture of their skin became less gross and more brilliant.

It was in 2087 when the monsters became more acceptable. People got used to see them in the streets, to see them at work, at supermarket, everywhere.

It’s 2090 now, the monsters are not called monsters anymore, we have a name that has the meaning of our race. My name is Erilyn. And yes now we got names. I work as a detective of crimes in the division of crodos. Which is the name my race was given.

As one of the first crodos to be able to understand the language, to stand up and to speak, I have a high rank in the division. My partner is Luka, he is as you may guessed, human.

We get along, and stuff but I can’t say he is my favorite person in the planet. His family is part of the human percent that does not accept my kind.

He feels different or that is what he says. I don’t know what to believe.

I’m sitting in my car, waiting for him to arrive to a crime scene. Inside of the house that is across the street a body is waiting for us two. I know it’s someone of my kind. Why else would the police have called us if not?

A knock on my window, makes me look, in the other side Luka waits for me.

He is smiling, and that is disturbing to me.  He barely smiles at work, less with me. I see him flirt with every thing alive, unless that thing is a crodo.

Sometimes I wish I could knock his head to the ground and kill him. Someday I may do it. But maybe I won’t, i will get killed if I do that.

-Erilyn, earth is calling for you.- I heard him from the other side. Taking a breath, I open the door almost hitting him.

He looks at me and smiles again. Today he has a weird humor I guess.

-They say a body is in there, waiting for you and me.-

I look at him. -I have been waiting for you almost an hour. What kept you so entertain that you couldn’t make it here faster?- I ask him.  He blushes and coughs.

Without waiting for him I start to walk towards the house. I can feel people staring at me across the street. They see my skin.

A hand grabs my arm. And I can hear his voice before seeing him.

– You better stop staring at her like that. Her skin color looks fabulous. I bet you wish you have it!-

When I see him, he is looking at the others. Then he sees me, and giving me a warm smile, he turns me around and leads us to the house. -Ignore them.- he says.

While we walk to the house, I think that maybe, I have judged him wrong.

Él tenía la habilidad de destrozarme con dos palabras. Que a muchos hubieran alegrado pero a mi, que sabia el significado de ellas, me provocaban tristeza.

Él no era malo, pero sus acciones en parte me lastimaban. Yo era una tonta con la vista nublada, del cariño que le tenía. 

Mi mente me decía que me alejara, pero mi corazón me impedía hacerlo. Hubiera vuelto a tomar la misma decisión una y otra vez. Con tal de ver su cara sonriente hacia mi, con tal de saber que era tenerlo cerca así, con tal de escucharlo decirme esas palabras. 

Con tal de tener sus ojos en mi, y pensar que creía que era la más linda que había visto, que aceptaba como era y que me hacia querer superarme para mi bien.

Él es un tormento para mi mente, me tiene por las nubes feliz pero en segundos me regresa a la tierra en un golpe seco cuando recuerdo nuestra realidad.

Él me quiso pero no como yo lo quise, y no sé si eso fue lo que me mató al final, si saber que me quería o el que no lo haría como yo lo hacía.

Sin Título


Él, quien hace mis manos sudar, quien cuando lo veo me alegro.

Él, quien me hace querer ser mejor para mi. Con quien puedo hablar sin miedo. Quien me escucha siempre.

Él , quien me hace sentir tantas cosas. Él, quien hace que mi corazón se sienta cálido, que me hace sentir bien.

Él, quien me hace querer imprimir sus fotografías y pegarlas en las calles para las personas aprecien cómo él es.

Él, quien tiene una sonrisa amable, suaves manos y sentimientos puros.

Él, quien me hace querer decir “te quiero”.